Top 10 Facts About Ireland… True or False?

We’ve noticed a lot of “Top 10 Facts” posts lately and after stumbling across an Irish list we thought we’d take a look and post our favourite on here. Are any of these true? Some we can’t believe!

1. There are more mobile phones in Ireland than there is people. Ermm guess so if you include those old Nokia’s in the cupboard.


2. The Irish report the lowest annual number of UFO sightings in Europe. We’re glad about this one… they don’t exist! (anyone believe?)

3. May is generally the driest month of the year in Ireland. There’s a driest month? We thought it rained ALL the time!

4. Dublin boasts one pub for every 100 head of population. This has got to be true, for the whole population we reckon. (Check out our “Top pubs” post)


5. The average height of Irish men is 5′ 8″. No comment.

6. At the Olympics, boxing is Ireland’s most successful sport. I wouldn’t mess with us.

7. Ireland was the first country in the world to have an environmental tax for plastic shopping bags (2002). We’re over it now, it’s England’s turn.


8. The number of people who claim to have Irish heritage… 70 million. Well why wouldn’t you want to be Irish, we’re great! Evan Barack Obama has Irish heritage.

9. Ireland have won the Eurovision song contest more times than any other nation (7 times). This makes up for all the football tournaments. (except Euro 2016 of course).

10. The most popular baby names in Ireland are Jack and Emily. We know too many Emily’s!


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