6 Irish Homes We Wish We Lived In

We love great design here at “Living The Irish Life” and our contemporary architecture post last week got us searching for more. This time we solely take a look at homes of all shapes that we certainly wish were ours! Did anyone watch RTÉ’s “Home Of The Year“?

1. This quirky cottage extension in the hills


What was once a rural cottage in southern Ireland, this was extended with four mono-pitched limestone blocks. With a semi-enclosed courtyard and east facing views we love the way this has been designed.

2. This ply wood extension to a terraced house


The complicated form of this extension to a terraced house in Dublin features three different kinds of structure – all made from plywood.

“The layout maximises the south-west orientation, and allows both internal window seat and external covered areas to relate to the garden,”says the architects.

3. This seaside house


The seaside house on the east coast of Ireland is divided into two wooden-clad blocks made from Douglas fir, that replace a holiday chalet that previously occupied the site. One side contains nothing but a large living and dining room, while the other contains two bedrooms, bathrooms and a kitchen.

4. This black paneled family home


A small extension to the rear of this remodelled townhouse in Dublin is clad and roofed in panels of opaque black glass, designed by architectural studio Ailtireacht to reflect the building’s surroundings.

5. This stand out dark grey house


This dark grey house in Kildare was built on the remains of a 1980s home that had been ruined by flash floods. It is made up of three connected blocks, with sloping roofs designed around large chimneys that bring in natural light and ventilation.

6. This spikey house


Speaks for itself really, it has spikes. The façade uses two different patterns chosen by the brick-layer, inspired by the brickwork of the Victorian house.



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