Things You Didn’t Know About Ireland

Following on from our “Irish Facts” post we wrote last week (very popular), we did some more research to find out some things you might not know about Ireland. Here we go…

More Guinness is Sold in Nigeria than Ireland


Yes we couldn’t believe it either, we’re famous for Guinness but there’s more sold in Nigeria. They’ve even got a brewery in Lagos making the stuff, which was the first outside of Ireland and Britain.

It once rained in Ireland for 40 days


Does anyone remember this? In 2007 it actually rained for 40 days straight, and it was in Summer! This hasn’t happened since but we’ve been close (let’s move abroad?)

Technically, it is an offense to be drunk in public in Ireland


Regulations introduced in 2011 allow the police to issue on-the-spot fines for anyone caught being drunk in a public place in Ireland. Own up, who’s been caught?

Only two members of U2 were actually born in Ireland


The Edge, was born in London, to Welsh parents, and Adam Clayton, U2’s bassist, was born in Oxfordshire, England. There’s only Bono and Larry Mullen Jr. who were actually born in Ireland.



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