What’s the most important item in your home?

I’d say my home is pretty secure (touch wood), I’ve not had any real problems in the 14 years I’ve lived there. A new survey from Chill Insurance says the majority of us Irish agree their house is secure. 449 were asked and 57% said they were secure. However, a shocking 3% said there’s wasn’t! So if there ever was a problem, what item would you save in the house?

Family photos came on top as the most important household possessions at 33%, followed by 24% rating their computer or laptop highest (PS4 for me!) An impressive 57% of those survey said their household pets help out with security! This is why I need a dog…

Check out this sweet visual below…

home security in ireland


It’s That Time Of Year Again? New Year’s Resolution

It’s that time of the year again where we all look back on the past year and think about all the wrongs we did (dry January anyone?), so we decided to take part in Furniture at Work‘s New Year’s Work Resolution campaign.

So here’s ours… It’s time to be a bit more organised in 2016. How long will it last? Probably not long, we’ve already lost the office window key.

What’s your New Year’s work resolution then? We’d love to know.


Something Extra: Cure Acne in 7 Days

For our “Something Extra” post this week, we stumbled upon this from Adjustable Beds… Cure Acne in 7 days? Worth a try that!

It’s an independent study on how how good sleep can have an effect on clearer skin. The video follows a girl called Dorothy who documents her week of better sleep, getting 8 hours a night (sounds good to us) and whether her skin is clearing up over the days.

Her skin is looking a fairly better at the end of it, so we’re gonna give it a try too, jumping at the chance of more sleep 😉 let us know if you’re up for it!

#IrishUpAMovieOrActor – The Best Bits!

Twitter never fails to disappoint, so today we were delighted to see #IrishUpAMovieOrActor trending all over the UK. We decided to pick out the best ones for your delight! 😂👍

Think or seen any better? Let us know…

Let’s Type About Sex

Getting Advice Online

We’ve come across this campaign from Lloyds Online Doctor where they’ve found out 68% of us under 24 in Ireland would prefer to receive contraception online.

This has got us thinking… would you prefer this or going to the doctor? It can be pretty nerve-wracking making that trip, but you do feel like the info given is correct, whereas info online anyone can write…right?

Following on from the success of their ‘Sex Degrees of Separation’ campaign, LloydsOnlineDoctor recently conducted a ‘Let’s Type About Sex’ survey, questioning 474 Irish men and women about their sexual health preferences.

Along with the stat above, 12% of parents said they’re undecided about chatting to us about it, have you had “the conversation” with them?


A Healthy Revision Guide For GCSE

Oxford Home Schooling ran an online focus group to gather top revision tips and tricks from the experts. They surveyed current students, former students, health and fitness experts and teachers to gather the best tips for a healthy revision guide.

Has anyone got exams coming up? Check out the eBook below, there’s some great tips on revision, or if you just wanna know which foods help your brain, then there’s that too!

The eBook is completely free and can be downloaded via the link below:

A Healthy Revision Guide For GCSE: FREE DOWNLOAD

OHS e-Book6

Our Favourite Irish Musicians

The winner of the Mercury Music Prize was announced last week (congratulations Benjamin Clementine) and with 3 Irish artists nominated, Roisin Murphy, SOAK and Aphex Twin, we decided to take a look at our favourite Irish musicians over the years.

Ciaran Lavery

One for the near future, Ciaran Lavery is a singer-songwriter from Co Antrim with an alt-folk sound. We can’t get enough of this guy, with stand out tracks “Left for America” and a cover of Lion Ritchie’s “All Night Long” being played by Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1 and have over 50,000 views on YouTube. We expect big things!

The Corrs


It would be wrong not to put these sisters in the list! Don’t deny it we’ve all grown up with their hits and it’s made us the people we are today. With a planned 2016 tour in the plans (yes we’ll be getting tickets), we can’t wait to hear the classics “Runaway” “Breathless” and “Radio”.


Andrew Hozier-Byrne (Hozier) was possibly the biggest breakthrough of 2014 after his 2013 hit “Take Me To Church” went viral on YouTube (287 million views) and was in the top 2 all over the World!

2015 was a massive year for Hozier, as he performed at the GRAMMYs, the Billboard Music Awards and a smashing set at Glastonbury. It’s only going to get better and better for this guy.



You were either Boyzone or Westlife… and we’re Westlife. We had to put them in this list having sold over 50 million records. Possibly the biggest musicians to come from Ireland (maybe U2 actually) and people are still getting to grips with their break up in 2012.

The band have gone their separate ways since, with Kian winning “I’m A Celebrity”, Brian hosting daytime television, Mark on a solo career, Nicky presenting and Shane still in music.

Girl Band

Dara Kiely, Daniel Fox, Alan Duggan, Adam Faulkner (yes they’re lads with the name “Girl Band”) were founded in 2011 in Dublin and are gaining popularity at the moment in both the UK and US.

We really like their sound and they’ve got shows in Ireland in 2016, playing Kilkenny, Castlebar and their hometown Dublin. Have a listen to the video above and let us know what you think!


Our Top 4 Colin Farrell Movies

He’s our favourite Irish actor (sorry Neeson) so it’s only right we dedicate a blog post to Colin Farrell! We’ve picked out our 4 favourite films of his, what’s yours? Let us know in the comments…

1. In Bruges (2008)

We love In Bruges and it’s the top spot in our top 4 movies Colin Farrell has been in, alongside fellow Irishman Brendan Gleeson.

Farrell won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy for the dark comedy. It follows the carhacters as hitmen in the city of Bruges but as you know it’s not all plain sailing. Check it out!

2. Seven Psychopaths (2012)

Seven Psychopaths was another dark comedy and stars Farrell alongside Woody Harrelson, Christopher Walken (legend) and more!

Farrell is a stuggling writer and the film is about his story he’s creating. You need to concentrate on this one but it’s really gripping and worth it if you do.

3. Phone Booth (2003)

This is classic Farrell this, as he was starting out in his fantastic career we found Phone Booth and what a film it is! Whole film set in a phone booth, this gripping thriller is right up there with the best.

Also featuring Forest Whitaker, Katie Holmes and Kiefer Sutherland, Farrell is held hostage in a phone booth by a Sniper, on the phone to the person that could kill him.

Fact for you: Jim Carrey was originally cast as Farrell’s character, Stu.

4. Horrible Bosses (2011)

If you’ve not seen Horrible Bosses then we’re not friends. It’s very funny and has a stellar line up of names, including our man Colin Farrell who plays the “Horrible boss” of Jason Sudeikis’ character, who’s out to kill him.

Also features Charlie Day, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, Kevin Spacey and more, what’s not to like here! Admittedly, Colin Farrell doesn’t play a massive part in this but his character is great so we had to include.