Celebrations All Around… Bring On Euro 2016

We’re already counting down the days until next summer, as Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland qualify for Euro 2016 in France.

Who do we want in the groups though? England and Wales? Would be good for the rivalry but could be difficult. Personally, I want France as the atmosphere would be unreal in their home country, but there’s also a list of “easier” teams to play that would be accepted. Hungary, Albania or Solvakia seem to be the best options so far.

The draw for the finals will take place on the 12th December in Paris and we can’t wait for find out. Both Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland are in Pot 4 so won’t be drawn against each other in the groups.

Who’ll win the tournament? It’s hard to look past Germany really, but Spain, France and Belgium could be in with a shot!